Open Web Device Compliance Review Board


What are the benefits to CRB membership?

  • Independent third-party certification for devices to meet API compliance and minimum performance benchmarks. This ensures a consistent experience, unleashing the full power of the Web on Open Web devices.
  • A unified platform to plan and execute the necessary steps needed to support a flourishing Open Web app ecosystem without fragmentation
  • Access to participate in CRB meetings
  • Voting rights on key propositions (Statutory members)
  • Eligibility for board seats (Statutory members)
  • Chair Steering Committee or Working Groups (Statutory members)
  • Participation in Steering Committee or Working Groups
  • A voice in how a device is qualified for markets worldwide
  • Early product alignment with pending industry certification criteria

CRB Board

Operator Members
Organization Member
Deutsche TelecomChristoph Schmitz, Lou Schreier
KDDIKatsuhiro Kozuki
TelefonicaCarlos Pedraz Rodriguez
TelenorHolger Hussmann
Three open seats
Vendor Members
Organization Member
LGE Jaeyoung Jang
MozillaSandip Kamat
SpreadtrumBravo Lee
TCLAaron Zhang
ZTEZhongwei Ji

Board Election and Appointments

Appointment Appointee
PresidentDavid Bryant, Mozilla
VP, Platform Engineering
General Manager / CFOJean Gong, Mozilla
Senior Engineering Program Manager
SecretaryYong Chang, ZTE
Director of Engineering
Steering Committee ChairSandip Kamat, Mozilla
Senior Manager, Product Management Group
Technical Committee ChairKevin Hu, Mozilla
Director, Engineering Project Management
Marketing ChairJohn Bernard, Mozilla
Global Marketing Director