Open Web Device Compliance Review Board

Why CRB?

Why is a compliance review board necessary?

  • To reduce OS fragmentation. The CRB incentivizes participants to stick to a pre-defined set of APIs and performance experiences.
  • To provide a faster time to market. Devices pre-qualified by the CRB will experience reduced certification time at carrier labs, enabling a quicker route to stores.
  • To ensure performance uniformity. The CRB sets a minimum quality bar for consistent performance on devices running B2G, and confirms that performance is similar to any other OS running on a similar device.
  • To provide global independent API certification. The CRB establishes compliance specifications for ensuring uniformity of web APIs in devices running B2G.

What are the benefits of certification?

For operators

  • Uniform test and certification criteria for every B2G-based device in the ecosystem
  • Shorter operator acceptance test cycle time, which means reduced duplication and cost, and enables focusing on testing key differentiators
  • A minimum bar set for expected user experience
  • Uniformity ensured across devices, offering more choices for operators

For OEMs

  • Reduced time and cost to qualify across operators and markets (test once, sell to many)
  • Reduced certification time at operator labs, due to compliance to pre-set quality metrics & APIs
  • Concentration on product differentiations rather than investing in individual API compliance suites
  • Reduced OS fragmentation, ensuring devices with a set of pre-defined APIs conform to a specific Firefox OS version

For users/developers

  • Consistent experience of the full Web across devices and apps
  • No concerns of fragmentation on certified devices, all APIs will work as expected
  • Minimum performance guarantee to enhance the device/apps experience